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Jiayi Education is the first of choosing K12 programme as domestic-school training for the main business in the country in the small business share transfer system from listed education company. Jiayi Education "is committed to change the way students learn," For the concern of prospect, K12-school education and training for the main business, with Primary and Secondary school counseling, teaching content services, books and educational software sales such as a complete business processes, covering product development and design, product sales, training, impact assessment and other more comprehensive business closed loop, through more than 1,300 nationwide course-partner schools and nearly 30,000 people to provide counseling for students and training courses each year.
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To achieve the overall digitization of the environment, resource and application, we are cooperate with China-Telecom and other mobile service corporations to broadcast the digitalized learning materials through the third-party online platform.

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Build the communication platform to achieve interoperability and become the famous educational brand in the world, and Enter the European and American markets, investment and acquisitions.

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Online: Scientific evaluation, the live broadcast technology and the control platform of teaching quality. Offline: R&D drive, quality control and sustainable expansion. As the platform, Jiayi Cloud and DoodleMaths promote the high quality content spread actively.

Business Mode
Focus on K12 maths and Teaching method, teaching material,teaching software,Online platform, management output
Over 1000 cooperation schools and 25 direct schools in mainland China. We have more than 300,000 fee paying members and 400 full-time staff

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